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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy a switch or a Switch Lite?

You can insert game cartridges or download games digitally from the eShop with no issues. In contrast, the Switch Lite actually prevents you from playing a small selection of games, so you’ll want to be aware of them before making your purchase. 1-2 Switch and Super Mario Party both require HD rumble, which is not supported on the Lite model.

Is a switch better than a Switch Lite?

If you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online and play NES games, the Switch Lite offers the superior experience. That's because the Switch Lite has a proper D-Pad while the Switch features...

What is the difference between Nintendo Switch and Lite?

What’s different?TV vs handheld. The key difference is in the fundamental use of each Switch. ...Dimensions. Nintendo Switch Lite: Weight -277g. ...Colours. The main Switch is available in a grey version or the most recognisable version featuring blue and red Joy-cons.Display. ...Battery life. ...Conclusion. ...

Should you buy a Switch Lite?

Whether you’re an existing Nintendo Switch owner or you’re someone looking to buy one for the ... the Switch Lite might be for you. There isn’t a definitive option within the Nintendo Switch family because you should pick one based on your needs.

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