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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are switchblades illegal?

Why did switchblades become illegal? The law came in response to their perceived use by juvenile delinquents and gangs and associated media coverage, as well as by the 1958 passage of the Switchblade Knife Act in the United States. Are push button switch blades illegal?

How to buy a switchblade?

Switchblade knives also known as automatic knives, these cool pocket knives are amazing weapon of self-defense knives. Popular among military and government and defense authorities. If you are one well and good if not look for your permit and buy these knives for sale online only at

What states are switchblades legal in?

Switchblades are legal in Texas. The state legislature passed House Bill 1935, the law-making switchblade possession and carry legal, in that year. However, there are some limitations on how they can be used. For example, if you use it for self-defense then you do not have to worry about breaking any laws.

Is it illegal to own a switchblade in California?

While it is legal to own and carry a switchblade, it is illegal to conceal one. California allows you to carry folding knives and fixed blades. However, covering a weapon is illegal. You can own a switchblade of any length, but it is illegal to carry one with a blade over 2 inches.

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