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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SWTOR really free to play?

SWTOR is not really free to play but there is a very short free demo limited to character level 4. This demo can literally take longer to install than it does to play. The game itself was okay but it does not have have night effects, weather, or seasons as is common for other modern RPGs.

How to download SWTOR?

Start the SWTOR Launcher from Steam. When the launcher is downloaded, click “Play” in Steam to start it. Log in with your SWTOR account to start the Game Download. After opening the Launcher, type in your account credentials to log in. The full game will start downloading after you accept EA’s Privacy Rules and EUALA.

How many people play SWTOR?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available for play on the Microsoft Windows platform. How Many People Play Star Wars: The Old Republic? We estimate that 285,313 people play per day, with a total player base of 10,010,981.

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