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Frequently Asked Questions

Can SWTOR be saved?

Yes. Your account data, all of your progress and achievements in SWTOR are saved and kept by BioWare. It doesn't matter if you continue playing SWTOR via its original client or opt to install it fresh from Steam - all of your progress, all of your characters and items you have earned or purchased, all of the unlocks - it will all carry over.

How to download SWTOR?

Start the SWTOR Launcher from Steam. When the launcher is downloaded, click “Play” in Steam to start it. Log in with your SWTOR account to start the Game Download. After opening the Launcher, type in your account credentials to log in. The full game will start downloading after you accept EA’s Privacy Rules and EUALA.

How big is SWTOR download?

Download speeds are not constant and vary by location. The size of the final Game Client is approximately 27GB when fully installed. You should ensure you have adequate free space on your hard disk before completing your download.

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