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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the creative sxfi AMP?

The SXFi tech was developed by Creative as a way to reconstruct the spatiality of sound in games, movies and music. While the tech is embedded in some headphones, the Creative SXFi AMP is a nifty little device that brings the SXFi tech (pronounced “sex-fi”…

What is the sxfi chip?

The first incarnation of this is a custom UltraDSP chip specially developed for Super X-Fi. This SXFI chip is specially designed for Super X-Fi processing, and packs 5x the computing power of Creative’s most powerful Sound Blaster chip – while consuming less than half the power.

What do I need to build a sxfi AMP?

The small cardboard box holds the SXFi AMP, a short 8 cm-long USB-C to USB-C cable and some manuals. Truth is, nothing else is needed. Designing a portable device such as the Creative SXFi AMP with an innovative design is not easy, mainly because of the functional constraints.

Is sxfi AMP a good DAC/AMP?

The SXFi AMP is a great small DAC/amp on its own: it is small, it is well built, it has lots of power and volume control right on it. Really, just by saying this I’m saying it’s a keeper.

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