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Frequently Asked Questions

What is sxfi AMP?

SXFI AMP is a premium high-performance headphone amplifier that is capable of driving even studio-grade headphones — easily beating some of the most expensive headphone amps on the market today. SXFI AMP delivers 3X amplification gain for exceptionally powerful audio performance.

What is sxfi air?

SXFI AIR heralds a whole new generation of advanced headphones that incorporate Super X-Fi technology right into the heart of a wireless headphone with the built-in Super X-Fi UltraDSP processor.

What is sxfi live?

SXFI LIVE is the latest iteration of Super X-Fi Headphone Holography. Enabled at the source of a live stream, it recreates the soundstage of a premium multi-speaker system in a pair of normal headphones.

What is sxfi control?

The SXFI Control software allows you to use any SXFI products with desktops, PCs, and laptops running on Windows and macOS. You can upload your Super X-Fi profile, switch between profiles, and further customize your audio through the equalizer control in the software.

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