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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the warning signs of a kidney failure?

Unfortunately, there are few warning signs of kidney disease within the early stages of CKD. Once CKD has progressed, more symptoms may become apparent. These include: increased blood pressure. excessive fatigue. sleeping troubles. feet or ankle swelling (which later progresses upward)

What are the signs that your kidneys are in trouble?

Signs and symptoms of kidney disease may vary depending upon the type; however, common non-specific symptoms of chronic kidney disease include: Loss of appetite Puffiness around the eyes Fatigue Dry, itcy Problems sleeping

How long does it take to die from kidney failure?

The answer is complex, because some patients can live with kidney failure for more than 20 years, while some other patients die of kidney failure or its complications only within one year or even several months. Therefore, it is hard to determine certain kidney failure patients can live, before having a overview of their illness condition.

What does it mean when your kidneys are failing?

When your kidneys are damaged, they stop working like they should. This could happen because of another health condition, like diabetes. A decrease in kidney function that happens over time is called chronic kidney failure. When your kidneys stop working suddenly, you have what doctors call acute kidney failure (or acute renal failure).

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