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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous classes?

Students and instructors are online at the same time in synchronous classes since lectures, discussions, and presentations take place at specific hours. All students must be online at that exact time in order to participate in the class. Asynchronous classes let students complete their work on their own time.

What is synchronous learning?

Synchronous learning is a general term used to describe forms of education, instruction, and learning that occur at the same time, but not in the same place. The term is most commonly applied to various forms of televisual, digital, and online learning in which students learn from instructors, colleagues, or peers in real time, but not in person.

What is the definition of synchronous?

Definition of synchronous 1 : happening, existing, or arising at precisely the same time 2 : recurring or operating at exactly the same periods 3 : involving or indicating synchronism

What are the different types of synchronous classrooms?

A common type of synchronous classroom includes a live-streamed lecture that students attend virtually. Teachers or guest lecturers stream their presentations, and students can ask questions via webcams, microphones, and chat or message boards. For more classroom engagement, teachers can incorporate videoconferenced discussion groups.

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