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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for persecution?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for persecution. aggravation, anger, annoyance, exasperation, irritation, trouble. bedevilment, botheration,

What is an example of persecute in a sentence?

Examples of persecute in a Sentence The country's leaders relentlessly persecuted those who fought against the regime. They were persecuted for their beliefs. Recent Examples on the Web The Taliban has been known to persecute Christians under their regime, but that is not what is occurring in this viral photo.

What is the opposite of persecute?

opposites of persecute. MOST RELEVANT. aid. assist. delight. help. make happy. please. protect.

What is the difference between wrong and persecute?

The synonyms wrong and persecute are sometimes interchangeable, but wrong implies inflicting injury either unmerited or out of proportion to what one deserves. Should You 'Flush Out' or 'Flesh Out'...

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