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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the opposite of flavorful?

Antonyms for flavorful. distasteful, flat, flavorless, insipid, stale, tasteless, unappetizing, unpalatable,

What is a synonym for flavor?

There are some popular synonyms for flavor, however it should be noted that all of them are synonymous only in specific context (as there is no universal synonym for "flavor"): savor. smack. relish.

What is the adjective for flavorless?

Adjective flavorless ( comparative more flavorless , superlative most flavorless ) Lacking taste or flavor ; without seasoning , spice , or discernible qualities of taste.

What is another word for taste?

Another word for taste. To have a particular flavor or suggestion of something: savor, smack2, smell, suggest. To undergo an emotional reaction: experience, feel, have, know, savor. To participate in or partake of personally.

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