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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Doctor Thorne based on a true story?

Doctor Thorne is a 2016 three-part television drama adaptation of the Anthony Trollope novel Doctor Thorne scripted by Julian Fellowes for ITV. Mary Thorne, penniless and with undisclosed parentage, grows up under the guardianship of her uncle Doctor Thorne.

What is the plot of Doctor Thorne by Anthony Trollope?

Doctor Thorne. The idea of the plot was suggested to Trollope by his brother Thomas. It is mainly concerned with the romantic problems of Mary Thorne, niece of Doctor Thomas Thorne (a member of a junior branch of the family of Mr Wilfred Thorne, who appeared in Barchester Towers ), and Frank Gresham, the only son of the local squire,...

What is the message of Doctor Thorne?

Doctor Thorne, considered by Trollope to be the best of his works, is a telling examination of the relationship between money and morality. It recounts the story of the son of a bankrupt landowner, Frank Gresham, who is intent on marrying his beloved Mary Thorne despite her illegitimacy and apparent poverty.

What happens at the end of Doctor Thorne?

At the end of Doctor Thorne and we are left exactly in the middle of this great series which is reputed to be one of Trollope’s finest work. This volume in the series steers away from much of the church politics and intrigue that are involved in the first two books, The Warden and Barchester Towers.

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