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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the genre of this Tender Land?

This Tender Land is a coming-of-age adventure novel by William Kent Krueger, published in 2019. As historical fiction, the novel follows four central characters on a physical and spiritual journey through the Depression-era Midwestern United States.

What is the plot of this Tender Land by John Krueger?

Krueger describes This Tender Land as a companion novel to his 2014 novel, Ordinary Grace, though each can be read independently. Part 1 introduces Odie O’Banion, the narrator, and his older brother, Albert, who are sent to a Native American boarding school in Fremont County, Minnesota, following the death of their father, although they are White.

What is the theme of this ist der Tenderland?

THIS TENDER LAND is a wonderful coming-of-age adventure, a story of hard times and hopefulness that carries a religious undertone with children that seem wise and capable beyond their years, but also make poor life-threatening decisions as they venture forward toward their dream of a better future.

Will This Tender Land leave its mark on You?

This Tender Land will leave its mark on you, the reader, for some time to come. I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to Simon and Schuster (Atria Books) and to William Kent Krueger for the opportunity. if ‘where the crawdads sing’ and ‘before we were yours’ had a baby, it would be this book.

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