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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I treat a T12 or L1 thoracic spinal burst fracture?

Treatment depends on how bad the burst fracture is. Options may include either nonsurgical approaches or surgery. If there is pressure on the spinal cord, the nerve roots or both, surgical treatment is usually recommended.

What is a burst compression fracture?

Burst Fracture. A compression fracture is a condition in which a vertebra is crushed only in the front part of the spine, causing a wedge shape. If a vertebra is crushed in all directions, the condition is called a burst fracture. Burst fractures are much more severe than compression fractures.

What is a burst fracture in the thoracic spine?

Burst fracture. This type of fracture involves some loss of the height in both the front and back walls of the vertebral body (rather than just the front of the vertebra). Making this distinction is important because burst fractures can be unstable and result in progressive deformity or neurologic compromise.

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