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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the latest version of tableau desktop?

Install the latest version of Tableau Desktop with the REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP option. Confirm all older versions are uninstalled except the latest version. Uninstall the latest version.

What is product key for installing tableau 10 3?

What is product key for installing Tableau 10.3? Product Key is the key which is used for Tableau Desktop installation on a new machine or Tableau Desktop re-installation on your current machine.

How do I remove all versions of tableau on a Mac?

Automatically remove all versions of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader versions 9.3 and later when installing from the command line. To remove versions 9.2 and earlier, you must manually uninstall them. This option is not available on the Mac. For desktop license reporting.

What is the best free version of tableau?

If you are a beginner, you can use Tableau Public which is free for life, will do most of the things that you will think of. If you are looking for Tableau Desktop, I haven’t checked for any torrents but if you are a student, you should try the Student License which is free for a year.

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