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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tableau certification cost?

Tableau recommends you have 3+ months of Tableau experience to take the exam. It's a 30 question, 1 hour exam that's multiple choice and multiple response meaning some questions have multiple answers. The Tableau Desktop Specialist exam costs $100 (USD). Occasionally discounts are available for up to 50% off the exam fee.

What is tableau certification?

Tableau Certification. It is the tool chosen by multiple enterprises when it comes to brilliant visualization capabilities. The Tableau Basic-to-Advanced Training by Cognixia ensures that the participants are well acquainted with all the features of Tableau, and can take up any job that requires expertise in the Tableau application.

What is tableau administration?

Tableau is one of the most popular Business Intelligence tools used by many of the Fortune 500 companies. This Tableau Server Certification Training equips you with the right skills for Tableau analytics and administration.

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