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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you take tableau desktop specialist practice exams?

These Tableau Desktop Specialist practice exams are created to help you solidify the little fundamentals which can be the difference between you passing and failing your exam. These tests will help you solidify all concepts and increase your chances of passing the exam significantly!

How long does it take to prepare for the tableau specialist certification?

In particular, I will be delving into the foundational certification, known as the Tableau Specialist Certification. Wi t h all that in mind, let’s get started on the study plan for managing the exam: 3 key steps, 2 weeks, 1 exam attempt.

How much does it cost to pass the tableau exam?

The Tableau website and Exam Prep Guide provides plenty of information on the exam, so do refer to them for details. In general, there are 30 MCQs to be completed within 60 minutes, the passing grade is 70%, and it costs USD$100. It will be conducted in a virtual machine which already has the Tableau software installed.

What is the latest tableau version used for explanations?

VERSION - Latest Tableau Version used for explanations is TABLEAU 2020.2 version FREE EXAM TIPS GUIDE - Announcements shared regularly on weekly basis for you to crack the exam. PREPARATION GUIDE - A Self Preparation Guide providing references to all the knowledge areas for preparation.

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