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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in your tackle box?

10 Essentials To Have In Your Tackle Box Extra Hooks. Perhaps one of the most important things to have in your tackle box is a bunch of extra fishing hooks. Bobbers & Sinkers. One item, or actually two items that will always come in handy when fishing are bobbers and sinkers. Fishing Line. ... Lures, Plastics, & Bait. ... Needle Nose Pliers. ... A Line Cutter & Knife. ... Hat, Sunscreen, & Water. ... A First Aid Kit. ... More items...

What does tackle box mean?

The term “Tackle” means equipment, apparatus, or gear. Thus, when referring to a “Tackle Box” one means a box filled with equipment or gear. This term is now associated with fishing. So, a fishing tackle box is a box, or container, with your fishing equipment; pliers, line, hooks, sinkers, etc.

How big is a tackle box?

Even though football is a game of specific inches, there are no fixed dimensions for the tackle box. This is because it changes from play to play and depends on the relative size of the offense's personnel. The tackle box is a space that spans the length of the offense line, from the left tackle to the right tackle.

What is the largest tackle box made?

The Plano 960602 Hip Roof XL Tackle Box is the largest Plano hip-roof box. It boasts ultimate capacity with 6 extra large trays with dividers that create 54 to 76 adjustable wormproof compartments.

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