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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy fishing tackle in Canada?

Canada’s Fishing Outlet - Save big on fishing tackle, rods, reels & more. Visit our website now for great deals. x 1 (800) 990-8770

Where is Perry's tackle located?

Connect With Us... Perry's Tackle is a Canadian distributor of wholesale fishing tackle and other fishing/outdoor related items. We are located in Tweed, Ontario, Canada.

How do I contact tackle depot?

Contact Tackle Depot 1 (800) 990-8770 [email protected] All Rights Reserved. Prices on are subject to change without notice. © 2021, Tackle Depot

How much does a tackletackle Depot sticker draw cost?

Tackle Depot Sticker Draw 191 $20.00 03 ABU GARCIA MAX X $124.99 VIDEOS & ARTICLES Sep 07 , 2021 Tackle Tip - Hook Sharpening Aug 06 , 2021 Why choosing a smaller hook is BETTER for smallmouth! Jul 11 , 2021 Refine Your Lure Presentation Jul 05 , 2021 Action Was Super Hot Jun 22 , 2021

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