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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cast rods for bass fishing?

The Avid Series casting rods from St. Croix are the rods bass anglers have been dreaming about. These rods deliver strength, durability, and a light-weight rod all in one package that will keep anyone from showing up at dinner time. Comments: I just received my 7'1" MHF BassX.

Why choose 13 fishing defy black casting rods?

Taking a nod from the elite rods in the 13 Fishing line-up, the 13 Fishing Defy Black Casting Rods deliver performance well beyond what you would expect from rods at this price point. Delivering a hybrid blank design, the 13 Fishing Defy Black Cranking Rods are tailor made for crankbaits and all other sorts of moving bait presentations.

What kind of casting rod does St Croix make?

Combining St. Croix’s legendary, handcrafted quality with SCII graphite blanks that are covered with two layers of Flex Coat, the St. Croix Bass X Casting Rods come in a series of lengths and tapers that are designed to excel at the most popular and effective bass-fishing techniques.

Is a heavy duty casting rod right for You?

If you’re casting with heavier baits, targeting a species that is known to put up a fight, or fishing through dense vegetation, the power of a heavy duty casting rod is right for you. At Sportsman’s Warehouse, we offer casting rods from the best manufacturers in the industry, including Shimano, St. Croix, Daiwa, and Shakespeare.

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