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Frequently Asked Questions

What hotels are in Tahiti?

InterContinental Resort Tahiti. InterContinental Resort Tahiti is a 4 star hotel located at Pointe Tata A in Tahiti. It has a 4.0 overall guest rating based on 3308 reviews.

What are some interesting facts about Tahiti?

18 Awesome Tahiti Facts The islands of Tahiti were among the last places on Earth to be settled by humans. ... Tahitian people journeyed through the Pacific Ocean aboard massive double-hulled outrigger canoes. ... Early Polynesian people discovered the Tahitian Islands by celestial naviagation. ... More items...

Is Tahiti open for travel?

The Islands of Tahiti are open for travel from the United States! If you are ready to travel and need that well deserved vacation, enjoy a truly relaxing, incredibly beautiful, and intimate getaway, only 8 hours from Los Angeles. Your journey to The Islands of Tahiti starts the moment you step on board our new fleet of Tahitian Dreamliner’s.

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