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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Taiwan better than China?

Taiwan has a better sense of fairness and accountability compared to China. When you enter China just look at the face of the unfriendly immigration officers compared to Taiwan. Taiwan beats China hands down for the friendliness and attitude of the people.

Is China really about to invade Taiwan?

The dramatic statement came after China sent its highest number of warplanes yet into the skies above waters southwest of the island. But despite the rhetoric and the military saber-rattling, analysts agree China is unlikely to invade Taiwan anytime soon, with one expert adding the chance of invasion in the next 12 months is "close to zero."

How long can Taiwan hold off China?

Yes, the Taiwanese Army projects that it can only hold off its enemy for two weeks after the landing—but the PLA also believes that if it cannot defeat the Taiwanese forces in under two weeks, it will lose the war!

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