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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Taiwanese Navy have a mine-laying strategy?

At present, the Taiwanese Navy has no dedicated mine-laying ships. Various vessels, including its larger amphibious landing craft, do have a secondary mine-laying role. Existing mine options include bottom-lying mines, which are better suited to shallow water areas, and so-called Encapsulated Torpedo, or CAPTOR, types.

When will the first Min Jiang-class mine-laying ship be delivered?

The fast mine-laying ship is expected to be delivered at the end of the year. ROC Military News Agency photo. A launching ceremony was held on August 4th at Taiwanese shipbuilder Lungteh Shipbuilding for the 1st Min Jiang-class mine laying ships. The new class is being built for the Republic of China (ROC) Navy.

Could naval mining be a tool against China's Navy?

Naval mining could be an extremely important tool against China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy, especially in the narrow confines of the Taiwan Strait, during any future crisis.

How many naval bases are there in Taiwan?

Bases 1 Tsoying Naval Base – 1st Naval District HQ, largest naval base in Taiwan and naval airfield near Kaohsiung 2 Tsoying Naval Airfield and Naval Yard – Tsoying District 3 Makung Naval Base ( Makung, Pescadores) – 2nd Naval District HQ – home to attack squadrons, training centre and naval yard More items...

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