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Frequently Asked Questions

How many naval bases are there in Taiwan?

Bases 1 Tsoying Naval Base – 1st Naval District HQ, largest naval base in Taiwan and naval airfield near Kaohsiung 2 Tsoying Naval Airfield and Naval Yard – Tsoying District 3 Makung Naval Base ( Makung, Pescadores) – 2nd Naval District HQ – home to attack squadrons, training centre and naval yard More items...

What happened to Taiwan's air defense system?

Taiwan tried to develop an indigenous air defense warship since the 1980s. The ship’s air defense system was named Advanced Combat System (ACS), but the development didn’t succeed. The project was terminated in the mid-1990s.

Who is the current commander of the Republic of China Navy?

Republic of China Navy Command Headquarters Admiral Liu Chih-pin, the current Commanding-General. Vice Admiral Hu Zhan-Hao, and Tang Hua, the two current Deputy Commanding-General. The Navy CHQs (中華民國國防部海軍司令部) is subordinate to the General Staff, the Minister of Defense, and the ROC President.

When will the first amphibious assault ship be built in Taiwan?

In September 2018, Taiwan confirms contract for first amphibious assault ship built in Taiwan. It will be built by CSBC Corporation, a local shipyard. Four are planned with the first to be entering service around 2021. It is roughly similar to US Navy's San Antonio class, but with a slightly smaller displacement.

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