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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an U.S. military base in Taiwan?

The United States hasn't had bases in Taiwan since 1979. The former site of the U.S. Taiwan Defense Command headquarters is now a fine-arts museum in Taipei. The Army could ease the transition by acquiring an additional squadron of prepositioning ships carrying weapons, ammunition and supplies.

How many US troops are in Taiwan?

There are not 30,000 U.S. troops in Taiwan, according to the latest Department of Defense figures. There were such numbers decades ago, but there has not been that level of presence in recent times. Newsweek has contacted Sen. Cornyn's office and the Department of Defense for comment. Start your unlimited Newsweek trial

Does Taiwan have a military?

Taiwan’s military doctrine states that as much of any fighting that occurs should take place as far from population centers as possible. The army is only relevant once the enemy lands on the island, while the navy and air force can range over the strait. Defense spending is 15.7 percent of the national budget.

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