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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guns are in the military in Taiwan?

Catalog of military and civilian small arms belonging to the nation of Taiwan. 1 Browning .303 . 2 M1 Garand (United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1) . 3 Ceska Zbrojovka vz. 26 . 4 Ceska Zbrojovka vz. 24 . More ...

When did the T91 assault rifle come out in Taiwan?

However, the T86 program helped to further the new line of assault rifles taking hold in the Taiwanese military as the T91. The T91 was developed in 2002 and quickly placed into production in 2003. Production is ongoing as of this writing (2013) to which over 140,000 units have been dispersed.

What kind of rifles do Chinese soldiers use?

Chinese soldiers practice shooting from prone with their 7.62x39mm Type 81-1 rifles with side-folding stocks. The first military “assault rifle” of communist China was of Soviet origin. Adopted by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in 1956 as the “Type 56,” it was a Kalashnikov AK built using Soviet documentation and technical assistance.

Are type 03 rifles still used in China?

As of now, Type 03 rifles are issued to some People’s Armed Police (PAP) and People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) units, while the PLA issues Type 95 small arms in the basic or improved Type 95-1 versions. Over the years, China has exported many of its small arms.

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