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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I approve a requisition in Taleo?

approver to the Taleo website. This allows the approver to review the complete requisition. “Approve or Reject” action can be completed, as well as addition of comments. Clicking on this link will take the approver to another page (see below). Additional comments may be added at this time. Note: Rejecting the requisition will send it

What is the hiring process in Taleo?

Hiring Process Overview Below is a brief overview of the hiring process in Taleo. 1. Submit a request to your department’s Vice Chancellor asking for their approval of your position. 2. Once the position has been approved, you may begin the recruitment process.

How does the approval routing process work in Taleo recruiting?

When an approval is requested by a user, if the approval path category is activated for the approval being requested, then it is the dynamic approval routing process that will be used in Taleo Recruiting. The Manage approval paths user type permission must be granted in the SmartOrg User Types feature.

What's new in the Taleo applicant tracking system?

UAB’s Taleo Applicant Tracking System is now updated to Oracle’s new user experience for Recruiting. This update to the Recruiting System is built in HTML5 (to address upcoming Flash end -of-life) and includes improvements in usability and is mobile responsive.

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