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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Tamarack fire start?

The Tamarack Fire started as a lightning strike in the Mokelumne Wilderness on a rocky ridgetop with sparse fuels and natural barriers to fire spread. Friday, July 16 high winds caused rapid downslope fire spread. With this change in the fire, resources were quickly dispatched to the site.

How is the Tamarack fire being managed for containment?

Approximately 82% of the Tamarack Fire is being managed for containment. Due to extremely rugged terrain and minimal fire activity, approximately 18% of the fire is being managed for confinement to maximize firefighter safety and utilize natural barriers to fire spread.

How big is the Tamarack fire near Woodfords?

Flames can be seen from Highway 88 near Paynesville as they crest the ridge between Woodfords and Indian Creek Reservoir. Photo by Kurt Hildebrand . Strong winds drove the Tamarack Fire to 21,281 acres as residents evacuated from Woodfords watched the flames burn over the ridge line above Indian Creek Reservoir.

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