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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to tape drywall?

A pack of drywall tape can cost anywhere from $4 to $10. For example, the 3M 385 Scotch Drywall Fiberglass Tape retails for $10 to $13. According to the website, expect to pay around $4 for every 150 feet of drywall that needs to be taped.

What tape sticks best to drywall?

Fiberglass Mesh Tape sticks to the wall by itself and the holes allow the mud to bleed through and stick to the wall. You can put a first coat of mud on immediately. For taping mudding drywall repair projects this tape is the best.

How do you tape drywall?

At this juncture, the drywall tape is applied to the seam or gap, then gently pressed until it adheres to the wall. Since a small amount of mud is likely to emerge on each side of the tape, the drywall professional will smooth the edges by gently using the knife to feather the mud away from the tape, leaving a smooth surface.

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