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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose targettargetsolutions?

TargetSolutions offers the industry’s most comprehensive technology for training, compliance, operations and workforce management. Deliver more than 2,500 online training courses for public entities with the industry’s most trusted and innovative learning management system.

How can targetsolutions Help Your Fire Department?

With TargetSolutions you can track every aspect of your fire department’s training program. TargetSolutions features a pre-built fire department ISO training package. TargetSolutions’ ready-made Platform Solutions simplify training management.

What is community resources and targetsolutions?

Community Resources has been coined “Google on steroids for the fire service.” Create your department’s own custom training and assign it out with just a few simple clicks. TargetSolutions’ Enterprise functionality is built for training groups looking to synchronize training activities, share resources and enhance communication.

Why targetsolutions for first responders?

A well-trained first responder is a safer, more prepared first responder. That’s why Vector Solutions creates innovative technology solutions for public safety agencies through its TargetSolutions brand. Our mission is to help first responders stay safe, prepared and effective.

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