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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tastyworks’ pattern day trading rule?

America’s Pattern Day-Trading Rule tastyworks is based in the United States of America, and that means it must enforce the pattern-day trading rule. This is a somewhat notorious regulation that says any account that qualifies as a PDT account must have equity of at least $25,000.

How do I request a pattern Day Trading (PDT) reset?

You have a couple of options to request a Pattern Day Trading (PDT) reset. You can deposit funds into the account to bring the account value greater than USD 25,000. Accounts valued greater than USD 25,000 are allowed unlimited day trades.

What is a day trade and how does it work?

A day trade occurs when an equity or equity options position is opened and closed on the same trading day (including pre and post-market). Day trading includes buying and then selling as well as selling short and then buying to cover. Day trading does not pertain to futures trading and does not count towards your day trade counter.

Is my cash account a pattern day trading account?

Cash accounts don’t qualify as pattern day-trading accounts. If your account meets all three conditions (must meet all three conditions) then it’s a PDT account.

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