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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does tbtbird collect about me?

TBird is all about safety and connecting Travelers with Hosts. To do this, we require Hosts to disclose accommodation address, transportation route, and tour route. We may also collect the precise location of your device when the app is running in the foreground or background.

What is the T-BirdWeb portal?

The T-BirdWeb Portal is a collection of the most commonly used applications (systems) at New Mexico Junior College. If you would like to bookmark or create a shortcut to the system, please use . We have made some changes for the better!

What kind of Thunderbirds are in the T-bird collection?

You'll see classic Thunderbird hardtops, Tonneau Roadsters, M Code 390 big blocks and rare 428 Thunderbirds. Some of these T-Bird collector cars will have low miles. You may even find Thunderbirds with custom modifications. SOLD!

Why is the Ford Thunderbird called the Thunderbird?

Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California also lays claim to being the inspiration for the name of the car. Ernest Breech, a Thunderbird Country Club member, who was then chairman of Ford Motor Company was supposedly deeply involved in the creation of the Thunderbird.

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