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Was $4K contribution to T-Bird part of a fraud scheme?

Blakey says Willis implying the $4,000 was part of a fraud scheme was a lie. @waff48 As far as the Austin Hinds $2,500 campaign contribution, Blakely says in he let T-Bird know about this (he was in Clay county) and he deposited this into his account.

Did T-Bird have the checkbook to the campaign account?

Blakely says T-Bird had the checkbook to the campaign account, also says he communicates w/ T-Bird other ways than just his cellphone (referring to state showing cellphone call records between the 2 in regards to depositing the realtors check) @waff48 Neither sides have anything further for Blakely. He is stepping down as a witness. @waff48

What did Kristopher and Mark buy at the fireworks sale?

After they stocked up, Kristopher and Mark laid out their bounty of fireworks on the floor. They had purchased Roman candles, cakes, bottle rockets, as well as sparklers. Kristopher and Mark were extremely excited about all of the fireworks they had purchased.

What did Tomsic and Weldin do wrong?

An investigation into Tomsic and Weldin’s alleged misconduct led prosecutors to seek a warrant to search their phones, which turned up roughly 200 gigabytes of data showing more than a dozen officers had been exchanging racist, homophobic and sexist text messages since 2018, prosecutors said.

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