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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tego® Rad 2500?

TEGO® Rad 2500 is radically cross-linkable and imparts slip and defoaming properties to UV inks and coatings. First choice when formulating release coatings and aiming for improvement of mechanical resistance. Looking for samples? Just order a sample of TEGO® Rad 2500 right now.

What is targettego® Rad 2700?

TEGO® Rad 2700 is a radically cross-linkable release additive, providing utmost release and slip properties.

What is rttego Rad 2300?

TEGO® Rad 2300 is an efficient non-foaming, radically cross-linkable substrate wetting and slip additive. Recommended even for high shear applications and the wetting of low energy substrates incl. fresh litho inks. Looking for samples?

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