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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tamil and Telugu language same or different?

Within this language family, two of the very common languages are Tamil and Telugu. Although they belong to the same language family, they have major differences between them. The main difference between Tamil and Telugu is that the Tamil language is the oldest languages among all the Dravidian languages in India.

Is Telugu language originated from Tamil?

Yes, Telugu is born from Tamil. Not only Telugu, but all south languages also have strong influences of Tamil. People who have knowledge of Literature and History of various languages would believe. Some people referring here the "Dravidian Language" Could any explain what is Dravidian Language and when and where it was born.

Is Telugu oldest language or Kannada or Tamil?

Obviously Tamil is the oldest. Tamil is a parent language of Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam, Tulu also. Tamil is not only older than these languages it is a classical language also. It has so many unique specialities and a rich history also.

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