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Frequently Asked Questions

What is temtembe famous for?

Tembe Elephant Park is home to all members of the big 5, though elephants are clearly a local favourite. The area is famous for inhabiting some of the largest pachyderms in the world, weighing up to a whopping 7 tons.

Where is Tembe park located?

Tembe Park is a 300 square kilometre reserve, home to the largest elephants in Africa. It is situated between Zululand and Mozambique. To find Tembe Park’s location - please scroll down the page to use our map.

Is there a dictionary for the Tembé dialect?

The Tembé dialect has a dictionary in two volumes by Max Boudin. The Tembé that live near the Guamá River no longer speak their Indigenous tongue. Those who live on both margins of the Gurupi River, on the other hand, know not only their language and Portuguese but also the Ka'apor tongue.

Who are the Tembé and Tenetehara?

The Tembé are the Western branch of the Tenetehara. The Eastern group is known as Guajajara. Their self-denomination is Tenetehara, which means people, Indians in general or, more specifically Tembé and Guajajara. Tembé, or its variant Timbé, is a name that was probably given to them by the regional population.

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