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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create great sites with Wix?

Wix is a popular and one of the most user-friendly website builders currently in the market. Without any coding knowledge, enthusiasts who wish to create an online presence can easily do so with Wix.. The platform offers great templates which you can use as the base for your website. After choosing a suitable template that most closely represents your dream site, you can start tweaking around ...

How to create a free landing page with Wix?

It should be easy to navigate, without unnecessary distractions, which may lead your viewers away from the main attraction – your call-to-action. Begin by creating a free account at Wix. Then click the “Create New Site” button. Choose what kind of site you would like to create. I chose “Blog.” Now click the “Choose Template” button.

Can you change Wix template?

You can easily select any template and edit it however you like. The process goes like this: Open Wix and open the “Templates” page. Hover with mouse over the template you want. Preview the template by clicking “View.” Click “Edit” to start making changes. You can use any template and build your website for free.

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