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Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve temporal lobe?

Exercising your cardiovascular system can help temporal lobe function, according to PubMed of the National Institutes of Health 1. Known as aerobic exercise, these exercises can increase attention efficiency, improve executive-control processes and improve cognitive function levels.

Which lobe contains auditory cortex?

The temporal lobe contains a section of the brain known as the primary auditory cortex. This region of the cortex is responsible for receiving and interpreting the information transmitted to it by auditory receptors.

What area of the lobe is the auditory area located?

The auditory association area is located within the temporal lobe of the brain, in an area called the Wernicke area or area 22. This area, near the lateral cerebral sulcus, is an important region for the processing of acoustic signals so that they can be distinguished as speech, music, or noise.

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