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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you damage your temporal lobe?

According to Merck, damage to either side of the temporal lobe can lead to specific symptoms. If the right temporal lobe is damaged in some way, your perceptions of sounds and shapes are impaired. If the left temporal lobe is damaged, your perceptions of language and memory of words are impaired.

What would happen if the temporal lobe is damaged?

There are eight principal symptoms of temporal lobe damage: Disturbance of auditory sensation and perception. Disturbance of selective attention of auditory and visual input. Disorders of visual perception. Impaired organisation and categorisation of verbal material. Disturbance of language comprehension. Impaired long-term memory.

What damage will happen if the temporal lobe is damage?

Damage to the temporal lobes can result in disrupted auditory sensation and perception , as well as an inability of the patient to pay attention to what they see or hear.

What are the side effects of temporal lobe surgery?

Surgery: A temporal lobectomy, an operation usually removes only the abnormal part of the temporal lobe. In about 70% patients, temporal lobectomy is successful, with low complication rates. Side effects of temporal lobectomy are loss of memory, and emotional change, visual disturbances related with the removal of brain tissue.

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