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Frequently Asked Questions

What part of the brain is responsible for sense of smell?

The temporal lobes are where the sense of smell is refined and recognized. Each temporal lobe contains multiple sub-structures which play important roles. This portion of the brain is very important for being able to process and understand the words of others.

Is olfactory acuity impaired in temporal lobe epilepsy?

Olfactory impairment is common in neurological disorders and dysfunction of the temporo-limbic neural substrates involved in olfactory perception is noted in TLE. We measured olfactory acuity in 25 patients with TLE, nine with right, 10 with left and six with bilateral temporal lobe seizure activity, and compared them to the controls.

What is the temporal lobe?

By: Daniel Nelson | August 21, 2018. The temporal lobe functions as one of the four main regions of the brain found within the cerebral cortex, and it is responsible for things like speech, memory, and facial recognition.

How does the temporal lobe process sensory input?

The temporal lobe, which crosses both hemispheres of the brain, helps process sensory input, including pain and auditory stimuli. At Swope, Rodante P.A., they are a civil litigation and trial practice firm that specializes in catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries.

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