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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fasted possible HPR by statues in terraria?

I have created the fasted possible HPR (Heart production rate) by statues in Terraria based on math and timing circuits. 5 max statues per line (Because of rule #4) Has a cool-down period of ten seconds 10 hearts on the map at once Statues can only summon 3 hearts if within 23 blocks near another statue

Why can't I spawn a heart statue?

According to the Terraria Gamepedia page about Heart Statues it could be because of this: The statue also will not spawn a heart if there are 10 or more hearts anywhere in the world, 6 or more hearts within 800 pixels (100 blocks), or 3 or more hearts within 300 pixels (36 blocks). Perhaps there are a few hearts somewhere underground below you?

Can you stack 2 Heart statues at once?

Respect the rule #4 - Yes As shown above, I'm stacking 4 sets of 2 heart statues. This will allow for a max of 8 hearts to be on the map at once. By the time it the top statue fires, you will already be picking up hearts from the bottom statues.

Can a heart statue summon another heart?

Let me explain some cryptic information about the heart statue. As displayed above, heart statues will not summon another heart if another nearby statue spawned heart is within 23 blocks of the main statue. Furthermore, when a statue is summons a heart, the statue will be inactive for 10 seconds.

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