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Frequently Asked Questions

How is multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosed in children?

Currently, the diagnostic criteria used for diagnosing MS in children is the same as for adults. Diagnostic tools include a combination of medical history, neurologic exam, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), visual evoked potentials, analysis of cerebrospinal fluid,...

What tests are used to diagnose MS?

Diagnosing MS can be more difficult in people with unusual symptoms or progressive disease. In these cases, further testing with spinal fluid analysis, evoked potentials and additional imaging may be needed. Brain MRI is often used to help diagnose multiple sclerosis.

What is the prevalence of multiple sclerosis in children?

Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis (MS) occurs at all ages of the pediatric population. Childhood MS may represent up to 10% of all MS cases. Establishing the diagnosis of MS in a child is complicated by the limited diagnostic criteria and the possibility of significant clinical and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)...

Is there a cure for multiple sclerosis in children?

MS Treatment in Children. There is no cure, but many treatments can make life better for children with the disease. Multiple sclerosis treatment for people of all ages has three main goals: to treat attacks, to prevent future attacks, and to relieve symptoms.

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