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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a firefighter helmet Tet?

‘Helmet tets’ is short for helmet tetrahedrons and refers to the decals that are designed to fit the crown of a traditional firefighter helmet. All of our tets and firefighter helmet ‘stickers’ are reflective and printed on high-quality vinyl designed for durability in even the harshest conditions. Do EMS wear helmets?

Are fire helmet decals reflective?

All of our reflective decals, vinyl tet stickers, and crescent rank decals are printed on high-quality vinyl that can be applied to the exterior of a window as well as your fire helmet. As with all decals, Helmet size decals are reflective and adhere to compliance standards.

Which helmet lid fits Phenix technology?

Fire Helmet Lid-Fits Phenix Technology, Cairns, MorningPride Ben 2, Lion and Bullard helmets. Style "Freedom"

What accessories are available for Cairns 1044 and 1010 fire helmets?

New accessories include a larger West Coast front style and side accountability brackets for quick identification, as well as an extended postman chinstrap for easier SCBA donning without having to take the helmet off completely. These accessories are available for Cairns 1044 and Cairns 1010 Fire Helmets.

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