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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Texas Tech nursing hard to get into?

Since TCU costs nearly $20,000 per semester in tuition and fees, it is not as if there's a stampede of applicants attempting to get admitted into their nursing programs. You should be able to get admitted with an okay GPA (3.0 range). Personally, I wouldn't earn a nursing degree from TCU unless I had a rich uncle to bankroll the costs.

Does Texas AM University have a vet tech program?

to become fully-credentialed licensed veterinary technicians (LVT). Through a collaborative partnership with Texas A&M’s College of Vetrinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), students in the Veterinary Technology Program receive hands-on training in every aspect of the wide-ranging animal health field.

How long for RN program with Prerequisites included?

These programs generally include two years of general education classes such as English Composition, Math and History and courses that are prerequisites for the nursing program, followed by a two-year program that teaches advanced principles of nursing and clinical training.

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