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Frequently Asked Questions

How to design a textile logo for business?

First of all, input your company name, slogan and click textile in an industry list window. A logo design must correspond to the industry it is used in, and a name is supposed to be apt and suitable. A good slogan certainly will help to memorize your brand. 2. Choose icons match for the textile design

What is the meaning of Textilien textiles logo?

Textile logo. The client wanted a logo for a division of the company that is adding performance finishing to the textiles to make them stronger. My concept represents a Bison made from abstract textile treads . Towels made of 3 kind of cotton. Röhmer Textilien is an international textile brand located in Germany.

How many textile logo stock photos are available royalty free?

245,211 textile logo stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

What are the best logos for fashion brands?

Logo is depicting a ball of yarn that`s forming four hearts and further going into the four leafed lucky clover. There are four needles stuck into it as well. The tree-like a symbol of growth and living is a good point for an eco-friendly fashion brand. Textile logo.

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