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Frequently Asked Questions

What is texturetexture Haven?

Texture Haven is a website… Rob writes: If you liked the free high quality HDRI skies from Greg Zaal on … Navigate Home Art Behind the Scenes Images Video Games Models & Rigs Headers Repositories Development Blender Development Add-ons Python Scripts Education Books Tutorials Videotutorials Training Videos Community Conferences Contests People

Why are poly Haven and texture Haven merging?

The creators of HDRI Haven, Texture Haven and 3D Model Haven are joining their efforts and platforms into one new home: Poly Haven. If you're not aware already, we publish 100% free high quality 3D assets with no strings attached. Why are you merging? The main purpose of the merge is to enable more freedom over how we use donated funds.

Why is texture Haven not making more content?

While this is happening, Texture Haven and especially 3D Model Haven are struggling to produce regular content, which doesn’t draw much attention, which means less funding, which means less content...

Where can I get Free PBR textures for my projects?

You can visit Texture Haven to get free CC0 PBR textures for your projects. Looking at the site layout, you may think that it is also a project from Greg Zaal, which is running HDRI Haven. However, we have a Rod Tuytel as the principal author of Texture Haven. The system works in a very similar way than HDRI Haven.

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