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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favorite side dish for Thanksgiving?

Additional vegetables commonly served as a Thanksgiving side dish are carrots, Brussel sprouts, or green beans. Collard greens are a popular side dish for Thanksgiving in Southern states. Pickles and relishes are also commonly found on many Thanksgiving tables. Cranberries are also a very common Thanksgiving side dish.

What are common side dishes for a Thanksgiving meal?

Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes, Ranked From Worst To Best Bread stuffing. And here we have it folks. ... Mashed potatoes. I confess, I really agonized about the ranking of the top two Thanksgiving sides to include on this list. Creamed spinach. ... Biscuits, breads, and rolls. ... Roasted root veggies. ... Mac and cheese. ... Green bean casserole. ... Cornbread stuffing. ... Candied yams. ... Corn pudding. ... More items...

What are the main Thanksgiving dishes?

Traditional Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Feast. Among the traditional dishes, the most popular ones are sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rice, casseroles, salads, cornbread, cranberry sauce, sauerkraut and pies. The non-traditional ones mainly include macaronis, potato salad, beans, and baked pumpkins and so on.

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