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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a thief?

Definition of thief : one that steals especially stealthily or secretly also : one who commits theft or larceny : a person who steals : robber : one who commits theft

What is another word for thief?

Synonyms for thief. burglar, pickpocket, highwayman. Thief, robber refer to one who steals. A thief takes the goods or property of another by stealth without the latter's knowledge: like a thief in the night.

What is the plural of thief?

The Plural of Thief. The plural of thief is thieves . We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. Before they cleaned themselves up, they were thieves, thugs, and junkies. The noun thief adheres to the standard rules for forming the plurals of nouns in English (shown in the table below).

What is the verb for thief?

A thief is a person who thieves: who steals things. Thieves is actually two different words: the present tense of the verb thieve. the plural of the noun thief. Thieve can only be a verb. To thieve is to do what a thief does. Thief can only be a noun: a person who steals things.

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