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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major themes in Things Fall Apart?

There are a number of salient themes in Things Fall Apart. While we might examine the novel's treatment of the basic immorality of colonialism or the nature of friendship, perhaps the most prominent themes of the novel relate to (1) social structure as the basis for morality and (2) identity as defined by purely individualistic, non-social traits.

What is the plot summary of Things Fall Apart?

Plot Summary. Things Fall Apart is set in Umuofia, the hometown of Okonkwo, a proud, angry, and hard-working man in his prime. Okonkwo has always felt a need to prove himself because he is the son of a failure, a man named Unoka who was heavily in debt because he preferred playing his flute and drinking palm wine to farming.

What are the moral lesson in Things Fall Apart?

One of the most important moral lessons of Things Fall Apart is the danger of what we would now call toxic masculinity. Okonkwo epitomizes this attitude, even though it damages those around him,...

What are main points of the Things Fall Apart?

The main points of focus in Things Fall Apart are life inside the Ibo tribe, the struggle of one man's desire to succeed, and imperialism. During part one of the story, Achebe takes the reader through the daily lives of the Ibo people.

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