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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs DVT prophylaxis guidelines?

The subject of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis is usually associated with postoperative immobilization or prolonged immobilization in the management of injuries such as fractures or tendon ruptures. The necessity for DVT prophylaxis, particularly in the podiatry patient, remains unclear.

Is thrombolysis necessary for deep vein thrombosis?

Background: Standard treatment for deep vein thrombosis aims to reduce immediate complications. Use of thrombolysis or clot dissolving drugs could reduce the long-term complications of post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) (pain, swelling, skin discolouration, or venous ulceration) in the affected leg.

Is Plavix considered VTE prophylaxis?

Plavix for vte prophylaxis. Aspirin post-operatively with mechanical prophylaxis and Enoxaparin. Clopidogrel is. Aspirin, Plavix, or other drugs that affect platelet function, are not used to prevent VTE. They are not as effective as the other medications already mentioned.

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