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Frequently Asked Questions

When is ti10's main event?

The Main Event will be held from 12th Oct 2021 to 17th Oct 2021. Below is a comprehensive guide that will walk you through the schedule, the results, the standings, and more about TI10's Main Event.

When will the ti10 champions be crowned?

The TI10 champions will be crowned during the final day of the tournament on October 17. The full schedule and most recent results and scores will be updated when available. All times and days are in GMT+8, PST, and GMT. 1. Invictus Gaming 2. 3. OG 3. T1 5. Evil Geniuses 5. Team Undying 7. Team Aster 8. Alliance 9. Thunder Predator 1.

Will ti10 be held in Sweden in 2020?

We started working with Sweden back in 2019 to get everything in place to hold TI10 there in 2020. When the global pandemic necessitated a postponement, we doubled our efforts to work in tandem with officials there to make sure we provided them with everything they needed to make this a safe and successful event for everyone.

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